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A Fontana Teacher and Four Students are Facing Charges of Assault Following an Incident at a Local High School, Which has Been Characterized as a Hazing Incident Gone Terribly Wrong

A teacher and four students are facing charges of assault in Fontana, following an incident at a local high school, which has been characterized as a hazing incident gone terribly wrong.

San Bernardino Defense Lawyer Houman Fakhimi understands that the teacher in this case, a popular masonry instructor, is additionally charged with false imprisonment and attempted sexual penetration, as well as child abuse and failure to report child abuse.

The charges are severe, and those close to the case said the alleged abuse was an effort by the teacher and certain students to reportedly maintain order in the summer school classroom.

San Bernardino County Sheriff officials say it's not clear whether the teacher actually directed the assaults, but at some point, he reportedly became aware of what was happening and at the least did nothing to stop it.

Investigators with the Fontana Police Department reported that three young male teens were reportedly attacked in separate incidents during the teacher's summer school class.

One of the victims reportedly suffered minor injuries, but the details of those have not been released.

A sister of one of those accused said that the entire situation is one that has been blown dramatically out of proportion. While she didn't claim to have an in-dept knowledge of what happened, she said she believed it was likely horseplay that got out of hand. She characterized her brother as a prankster, but said he is by no means a person who would perpetuate an assault, let alone one of a sexual nature.

Assault, as classified by California Penal Code 240, is essentially an unlawful attempt, coupled with the current ability, to commit a violent injury on another person.

Generally, an assault is punishable by up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine or both. However in this case, the charges are more serious due to the alleged sexual nature of the incidents.

According to police affidavits, the investigation was launched after one of the teens reported that three of his fellow students held him down, pulled down his pants and attempted to penetrate him with a piece of steel. While officers were looking into this matter, another teen came forward with a similar story, only in his case, it was reportedly a broom handle.

The document indicates that the teacher was aware of the incidents, and yet did nothing to stop it. The document does not indicate what evidence investigators have to show the teacher knew, and it doesn't provide any indication that the teacher was actively involved, despite the charges.

Teachers are, by law, required to report abuse if they are aware of it. It's likely that defense attorneys in this case will likely be working to downplay the extent of what the teacher knew, when he knew it and what role he had, if any, in perpetuating the alleged actions by these teens.

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