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About Us

Houman Fakhimi, a founding partner of the Criminal Defense Team, is a respected and well versed criminal defense attorney practicing in the state of California. With over 15 years of experience in legal practice, he is full of compassion and care and will help you solve your legal matters no matter how big they seem. Besides practicing law himself, he leads and oversees the litigation of Fakhimi & Associates; a premier criminal defense firm.

An alumnus of the University of California, Irvine and the renowned Whittier Law School, Houman Fakhimi is a criminal defense attorney who will help fight for your civil rights and assist you in navigating the ever complicated and intimidating court system. Practicing law since 1998, his love and dedication for his work have helped him amass extensive knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the criminal defense world.

Houman Fakhimi is equipped with the right experience to understand fully the strongholds and challenges of all areas encompassed in criminal law. His excellent services have seen him earn various landmark professional achievements and awards in the legal society. He is fully accredited by the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and by the California Public Defenders Association. Houman Fakhimi is also an ardent active member of the State Bar of California’s Criminal Section. As a testament to his dedicated work, he has received numerous awards as well. Some of these honors include Super Lawyer 2015, Finance Monthly’s Criminal Lawyer of the Year – 2011, and a superb Avvo rating of 10.00.

No criminal case is too big or too small for Houman Fakhimi. He treats all criminal cases with the same professional intensity that they require and he is suited to help in any criminal case. From Sex Crimes, DUI (Driving Under the Influence), Theft, Child Molestation, Juvenile Delinquency, Murder to Attempted Murder cases, Houman Fakhimi and the Criminal Defense Team are here for you.

Law Researchers His past cases and record speak volumes of how successful Houman Fakhimi has really been, and he has diligently represented many clients in the past. His nurturing and dynamic interaction with his clients has helped him establish a connection to his clients, which almost always results in their ultimate satisfaction. Once he takes on your case, he will ensure that you get the much-needed attention and personal time to give your side of the story. Unlike other criminal defense attorneys and lawyers, Houman Fakhimi will not give unrealistic hopes and expectations. Backed by extensive research, Houman Fakhimi will create a feasible case while utilizing any relevant arguments that pertain to your case.

He has handled high-profile cases and helped clients throughout the Southern California area, including in San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County. He has also served in the United States District Court.

One of the main reasons behind the numerous victories of the Criminal Defense Team is the overall team attitude that is a result of the collaboration between our investigators, research attorneys, clerks and experts that work together on every single case. Collectively, this team has propelled the Criminal Defense Team to greater heights.

Research Attorneys

Research Attorneys form an integral part in ensuring the success of any case. From helping with the preparation of memorandums for each case, summarizing evidence, researching legal authorities to recommending dispositions, they are crucial team members in any law firm, especially here at Fahkimi & Associates.

At the Criminal Defense Team, we have a distinct group of handpicked professional research attorneys who help us day in and day out to build cases and serve our clients better. They are all qualified and have years of experience in the legal field and therefore offer nothing short of the top skill sets necessary to help our firm succeed in winning your case.

Investigators and Experts

For any case to be successful, evidence has to be handled carefully and analyzed by the best possible professionals. The Criminal Defense Team has a skilled crew of experts and investigators who have the right abilities, while offering numerous years of experience in the legal field.

Investigators These experts and investigators help us analyze your case and any available evidence related to your case. From analyzing blood samples, DNA testing, crime scene evaluation to mental health assessments of victims, our staff uses the best possible techniques and equipment to provide the information and facts needed to build strong cases. The Criminal Defense Team currently uses the services of Solis Investigation. Mr. Solis has many years of experience in dealing with serious cases such as murder, assault, child molestation and many more.

One important thing that makes our staff stand out from the other firms is the fact that they are bilingual. Statistics show that there are many people living in Orange County from several different backgrounds and as a result, we have made sure to have staff available to effectively communicate with our clients. Our staff is diverse and can speak in Spanish, French, Farsi, and of course English. This means that irrespective of your native language; we have you covered.

Whether it’s you, your relative or a friend seeking legal help in Orange County, Riverside, and its surrounding areas, look no further than the Criminal Defense Team to help and guide you through the California Court System. When dealing with criminal legal matters, your legal representative is the most important part of defending you against criminal charges and injustice. We understand the financial and social effects that your case has on you and your loved ones and will always work hard to investigate thoroughly, diligently fight for your rights, and get the best possible outcome for you.

At the Criminal Defense Team, we pride ourselves on being the premier criminal defense firm in Orange County, Riverside, and Southern California’s surrounding areas, all while offering top quality services at an affordable cost. Call us today for a free consultation. You are entitled to your rights and we are here to help protect you.