Houman Fakhimi

Anaheim Police Officer Convicted of DUI Gets Jail

A former Anaheim police officer who has had three DUI convictions was recently sentenced to ten (10) months in county jail by a judge in Orange County's West Court located in Westminster Orange County. The former law enforcement official, Kevin Noel Schlueter, was also sentenced to five years of probation and is required to serve six months in a residential drug treatment facility as well. According to the prosecutors from the Orange County District Attorneys office the defendant under the influence of a cocktail of prescription drugs when he nearly crashed into a CHP cruiser in March of 2009, and smashed through a fence January of 2010 and crashed into parked cars in March of 2002. The drugs involved were hydrocodone, hydromorphone and carisoprodol.

Orange County DUI attorneys of Criminal Defense Team, have successfully handled many similar cases for our clients in Westminster court and other local courts. Our DUI attorneys know that in order to receive a favorable sentence the court and the DA must be presented with evidence about such topics as : defendants background, his/her efforts to quite the drugs/alcohol involved, defendants openness to treatment, etc.

We have also handled many cases in which our client has been accused of violation of Vehicle Code Section 23153, commonly referred to as DUI with injury. Many times if the injuries are serious, prosecutors can allege GBI enhancements as well. Whats important is that the DUI with injury attorneys try to establish that although the facts may be there for a simple DUI the prosecutors cannot establish violation of a separate statute which is required for DUI with injury conviction.

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