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A Fontana Teacher and Four Students are Facing Charges of Assault Following an Incident at a Local High School, Which has Been Characterized as a Hazing Incident Gone Terribly Wrong A New Statute of Limitations – or None at All – for Sexual Assault? Accused California Drug Dealer to Face Murder Charges for Overdose Actress Faces Multiple Hit-and-Run Charges Actress in Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter Affordable Shopping in Rancho Cucamonga Aleman v. Village of Hanover Park Highlights Need for Aggressive Irvine Criminal Defense Anaheim Police Officer Convicted of DUI Gets Jail Anaheim Teen Faces Murder Charges After Fatal Stabbing of 12-Year-Old Arrests Made at Costa Mesa DUI Checkpoint Arson can Lead to Felony Charges in Orange County Assault and Battery Allegations Lodged Against Off-Duty Cops Assault, Self-Defense or Mutual Combat Authorities Target Gangs in Riverside, L.A. Bad Year for Fullerton Police in Dealing With Orange Country Crimes Be Wary of Prosecution's Attempts to use Shady Tactics in Santa Ana Theft Cases Bling Ring Defendant Turns Down County Jail Offer California 'Sextortion' Suspect Faces 105 Years in Federal Prison California Criminal Threats Charge Stems from Online Musings California Domestic Violence Cases Spike During Holidays California Drug Ring Infiltrated by Agents Using Mobile Technology California Gun Arrests Imminent With Governor's Signature California Highway Patrol to Seek Drunk Drivers This Memorial Day California is King When it Comes to Cyber Crime California Juvenile Offender Likely to Have Sentence Reduced California Marijuana Arrests Will Increase With Federal Crackdown California Mulls Lesser Penalties for Drug Convictions California Murder Conviction Upheld, Despite Faulty Witness, Evidence California Prison Realignment is State's Newest Money-Saving Venture California Prostitution-Related Arrests can Carry Strict Penalties California Rape Conviction Tossed, old Law Revisited California Sex Crime Suspect Arrested in Mexico, Returned California Supreme Court: Warrantless Search of Package Barred Can Domestic Violence Occur Between Family Members? Can Drug Rehab Help? Can Fullerton Man Charged With Running Over Officer Get a Fair Trial? Car Smash and Grabs Reported to Newport Beach Police Casino, Bank Theft Charges Require Aggressive California Defense Lawyer Caylee's Law a bad Gut Reaction to the Public's Mob-Like Mentality After the Casey Anthony Trial Celebrity Stalking Accounts for Small Percentage of Arrests Cell Phone Apps Reveal Locations of Orange County DUI Checkpoints Charged With Possession With Intent to Sell? Here’s What You Need to Know Charges Dismissed in Los Angeles School Shooting Plot Chino Crime Suspects Subject to DNA Draw, Per Supreme Court Order Chino DUI Arrests May Increase if Feds Reduce Legal Limits Circumstances in Juvenile Case of Frances G. Could Happen in Irvine Juvenile Crime Cases Congress Passes Legislation to Reduce Disparity Between Crack and Powder Cocaine Sentencing Connection Between Civil and Criminal Law Costa Mesa Arrest Following School BB Gun Incident Costa Mesa DUI Suspect Facing Manslaughter Charge Coto De Caza Man Convicted of Embezzling $2.8 Million From Seniors DA: Criminal Defense Lawyers Have Right to all Police Misconduct Records Dad Charged for Allegedly Throwing Son Overboard in Santa Ana Disneyland-area Fatal Accident Leads to DUI Arrest in Anaheim DOJ: Illegal Racial Profiling by L.A. Sheriff's Department DUI Arrests in California to Climb on New Year's Eve Eight Years in California Prison for Theft from Employer Ethical Conflicts can Affect Orange County Criminal Cases Failure to Advise of Immigration Consequence can Lead to In-Effective Assistance of Counsel Fakhimi & Associates Covered on Fox 11 News False Rape Allegations a True Threat Famous People From Santa Ana Fatal Shooting Suspect may Face Marijuana, but not Murder, Charges Federal Official Charged with Hit-and-Run, Later Reveals Seizure Felony Strike Case Dismissed Fighting Drug Charges in California Fontana Criminal Defense Challenges Forensic Evidence Former O.C. Sheriff Seeks Reprieve on Witness Tampering Charge Fullerton Elder Fraud Alleged Against Caregiver Fullerton Man Charged with Embezzlement of Newspaper Fullerton Man Pays $27,000, Serves 6 Months for Ejaculating in Co-Worker's Water Bottle Fullerton Sex Cases can be Tough to Prove With Few Witnesses Georgia Sex Trafficking Law Goes into Effect and may Influence Orange County Sex Cases Gun Laws in California Heroin Arrests Increase in Newport Beach, Which Alarms Police High School Students Arrested - Accused of Sex Assault Hazing Higher Education in Santa Ana Historic Places in Orange County Hollywood Hate Crime can Bring Long-Term Jail Sentence How do Police Investigate Domestic Violence? How do Police Investigate Sex Crimes? How do Police Investigate Weapons Crimes? How Domestic Violence Affects Your Family Huntington Beach Considers Public Surveillance Cameras Huntington Beach Man Convicted of Videotaping Sexual Assaults Illegal Gun Owners in California Targeted by Lawmakers Infographic – Robbery Versus Burglary Innocence of California Arson Convict Proven After 16 Years Behind Bars Irvine Faces Murder Charge Without a Victim's Body Irvine Human Trafficking Arrest: Two Very Different Perspectives Irvine Man Charged With Three Area Rapes Is Revenge Porn a Crime? Judge: California Immigrant Detainees Deserve Bond Hearing Juvenile Defense Attorneys of Criminal Defense Team Score a Victory L.L. Cool J. Burglary Suspect Faces Decades Behind Bars LAPD Sergeant Busted for Burglary in San Bernardino County Law Enforcement Will Seek DUI Arrests in Garden Grove This Winter Holiday Lengthy California Juvenile Criminal Sentences Reviewed Long Beach on the Lookout for Gas Thieves Los Angeles Criminal Defense: Teen Recants California Rape Story Los Angeles Drug Raid Produces $100 Million Worth of PCP Los Angeles DUI Arrest Exacerbated by Fleeing Los Angeles Embezzlement Alleged in Coliseum Case Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant has Been Convicted of Harassing an Ex-Girlfriend in Phone Calls and Text Messages Low-Level Crimes Downgraded to Infractions in Los Angeles Marijuana Arrests Overwhelmingly Made Along Racial Lines: ACLU Masseuse Gets 1 Year for 3 Sex Assaults in Orange County Mother Faces Kidnapping Charges in California Murder Trial Involving Inmate Beaten to Death Begins in Santa Ana Museums in and Around Santa Ana, California Must-Visit Museums in Orange County, California New Ruling in Blackwater Murder Case New Study Suggests a Link Between Prior DUIs and Future Weapons Crimes Newport Beach Man Arrested on Outstanding Warrant After Standoff No Costa Mesa Child Endangerment Charge for Father Officers who Lied in California Drug Trial to get Probation On Monday, May 17, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court, Issued a Ruling Long Sought by Orange County Juvenile Attorneys Orange County Catholic Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault Orange County Computer Hacker Charged With Peeping Through Women's Laptop Webcams Orange County Crime Labs Gain Recognition, but Aren't Infallible Orange County Drug Crime Searches to be Impacted by SCOTUS Ruling Orange County Drug Crime: Crack Cocaine Sentence Reductions Orange County DUI Arrestees Could Get Early Release With AB 2127 Orange County DUI Defense Lawyers can Challenge Breathalzyers Orange County Hate Crimes Drop - Save for Attacks on Homosexuals Orange County Internet Sex Crimes Require Attorney With Experience Orange County Kidnapping Conviction Nets 21-Year Prison Term Orange County Residential Burglary Rings Grab Police Attention Orange County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Orange County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Circumstances in Juvenile Case of Frances G. Could Happen in Irvine Juvenile Crime Cases Orange County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Orange County Computer Hacker Charged With Peeping Through Women's Laptop Webcams Orange County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Published by Orange County, California Criminal & DUI Defense Lawyers Orange County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Woman Charged in Fatal Fullerton Crash Orange County Sex Crimes Stay With a Defendant Forever Orange County Sex Offender Bans Challenged Orange County Sex Sting can Lead to Public Humiliation Orange County Spotlighted for Organized Retail Theft Orange County Theft Defense: $10 Million Heist Parents who Condone Teen Drinking Face Criminal Sanctions Pokémon Go and Crime: The Latest Tales of Fun Gone Wrong Police Bust Major Southern California Burglary Ring Police Chief's Wife on Trial for Felony Assault With a Firearm Police Must Abide by the Law by Getting Warrants for Fullerton Drug Cases, Boykins v. State Says Probe of Shoddy Convictions Could Extend to Prosecutors Prop. 36 Passes, Eases California's Three Strikes Law Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Lawyers Underscore Miranda Rights Rancho Cucamonga Theft: Credibility Matters Report: 'Rogue' DNA Databases Used by Local Law Enforcemen Retired Huntington Park Police Chief Gets Sweet Deal in Lewd Photos Case Revenge Porn Bill Passes California Senate Committee Riverside Drug Crime Sentences Could Decrease With SB1506 Riverside Prescription Drug Arrests Likely to Increase With CURES Funding San Bernardino Arson Convict Given Death Penalty San Bernardino Criminal Defense: Watch for Camera Phones San Bernardino Sexting Charges Mulled Against Youth Santa Ana City Councilman Facing Sexual Assault Allegations Santa Ana Drug Charges for Canadians in Smuggling Case Santa Ana DUI Fatality Conviction has Defendant Facing 16 Years Santa Ana Homicide Garners Headlines, but Overall Gun Crimes Down Santa Ana Man Arrested After $10,000 in Damage Caused to Church Santa Ana Sex Crime Allegations Lodged Against Soccer Coach Santa Ana Sex Crimes Defense can be Required Even When There is Consent Santa Ana Sex Crimes Must be Fought Diligently Santa Ana Third Striker Avoids Life in Prison Santa Ana Vehicular Manslaughter Charge Doesn't Require Alcohol Sex Crime Sentencing on Hold Amid Allegations of Juror Misconduct Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys Note DOJ Updates Sex Assault Investigation Protocol Shoplifting v Burglary Shopping Malls in Orange County Simple Drug Possession Charges can Result in Deportation Six Arrested in Multimillion-Dollar Art Theft in SoCal Southland Sex Crimes Case Nets Another Teacher Arrest Spate of High-Profile DUI Arrests Hit LA - Area Sports Teams in Orange County State of California Tightens Gun Laws for 2017 State v. Allen Shows Murder Cases Require Experienced Defense Lawyers State v. Pearson is Good Example why 'Right to Silence' is Smart in Santa Ana Juvenile Cases SVP Law after Prop. 83 Texas v. Mazuca: The Agony of Ecstasy in Santa Ana Thanksgiving DUI Arrests in Santa Ana Coming as Holiday Season Approaches The Best Restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga The Best Restaurants in Santa Ana, California The Consequences of Domestic Violence in California The Consequences of Welfare Fraud in the State of California The History of Rancho Cucamonga The Most Populated Cities in Orange County, California The Opioid Epidemic in California The Top Employers in Rancho Cucamonga The Top Employers in Santa Ana The Truth About Gangs in Los Angeles Top Official Facing Child Endangerment Charges in California Transport of Xanax Without a Prescription can Land You in Jail Two Charged After High-Speed Chase With Ontario Police U.S. Marine Gets Probation in Orange County Vehicular Manslaughter U.S. v. Joseph Jenkins: Question Every Detail of a Traffic Stop United States v. Culbertson Shows how Irvine Criminal Defense Attorney can Fight bad Plea Deal Universities With Campuses in Rancho Cucamonga Unlicensed Drivers in LA Apparently Catching a Break Weapons Arrests in Newport Beach Likely to Spike Amid Gun Control Fervor What are the Penalties for Assault With a Deadly Weapon in California? What is Considered Great Bodily Injury/Harm in Orange County? What is Luring? What is Statutory Rape? What to do if You Have a Warrant in Orange County, CA What to Expect When You Violate Probation in California When Criminal Suspects Flee, The L.A. Fugitive Task Force Goes to Work When is Possession of Drugs for Sale and not a Simple Possession Case Whittier Drug Case Leads to 14 Arrests, Including 2 From Santa Ana Why a Criminal Defense Blog? Witness Identification in Santa Ana Cases Must be Scrutinized Woman Charged in Fatal Fullerton Crash Woman Gets 10-Year Prison Sentence in Corona DUI Accident Would Violent Crimes Increase or Decrease if all Drugs Were Legalized or Decriminalized?