Houman Fakhimi

Assault, Self-Defense or Mutual Combat

Long Beach assault attorneys of Criminal Defense Team are currently defending a young man accused of assaulting another person and causing him serious bodily injury. The enhancement for serious bodily injury means that if convicted our client will have a "strike" or a serious and violent felony on his record. Needless to say, we intend to vigorously defend this case. What is particularly interesting about this case is that all parties agree that this was a case of voluntary combat. If this point is established then the question is whether the defendant used excessive force when engaging in the "mutual combat" and whether he tried to stop the fight and communicated that request to the other party. Our investigators will be reviewing all surveillance tapes and will attempt to contact all witnesses so that we can get to the truth. Violation of Penal Code Section 245 (assault) can be a felony and can expose a defendant to state prison time and the enhancement for serious bodily injury can add more prison time and the "strike." Our Orange County Assault with a deadly weapon attorneys have handled many 245 cases and have achieved results satisfactory to our clients.