Houman Fakhimi

Bling Ring Defendant Turns Down County Jail Offer

An 18 year old woman accused of having taken part in a string of burglaries targeting the homes of young celebrities including Orlando Bloom and Lindsy Lohan in the "bling ring" celebrity break in caseturned down a negotiated plea deal Monday that would have sentenced her to six months or a year in county jail. Alexis Neiers who had a show on E channel as well, is now scheduled to start trial on a residential burglary charge Information on May 10, 2010.

On May 3, 2010, Judge Swain of the Los Angeles Superior Court criminal division rejected Neiers' criminal defense attorney's request to have the statements Neiers made to police detectives excluded from introduction to the jury. The judge declined to issue such ruling stating that Neiers knew the rights she was giving up when she made the statements to the police and that they are not inadmissible under the Miranda. Neiers can face up to six years in the State prison to be followed by a period of parole, for the charges now pending against her, whereas the offer made to her would have had her do a six to one year sentence and be placed on probation for three years.

Charges facing Alexis Neiers are as serious as they get. Residential burglary as defined under Penal Code section 459 is a serious felony and therefore a strike. Our Los Angeles residential burglary attorneys have defended against many "res burg" cases and have handled cases involving an occupant present "hot prowl burglary." Of course, if a person other than an accomplice is present when the residential burglary occurs then the convicted person will face a violent felony on his/her record and will have to of 85% of any state prison time. Our residential burglary lawyers will look into every available avenue of defense in order to ensure that the prosecution does not "railroad" our clients into a quick plea. If you have any questions about your rights visit us at our Orange county criminal defense homesite or at out site dedicated to Orange County three strike attorneys of our firm.