Houman Fakhimi

Can Drug Rehab Help?

California is the most populated state in America and like every other state, it is not immune to the tragedy and harsh reality associated with drug addiction. No family, no community or city is immune from this devastating reality. Hospitals and medical teams work hard to keep the epidemic from taking more lives, but the reality is that overdoses continue to spiral. For too many families, they see the reality of where these overdoses take their loved one and it’s never good. For those wondering, “Can drug rehab help?”, the answer is a resounding yes.

The truth is, one look at the statistics tells a troubling tale. There are teams of medical professionals working hard to turn this tragic and unnecessary trend around, but it’s not easy. To put it into perspective, a hospital in California works to save one heroin or opioid overdose every 45 minutes. The emergency rooms are overwhelmed. The key is getting a loved one into a reputable and established drug rehab program.

If you are wondering how drug rehab can help your family member, here are a few tips that can help you better understand the process.

  • No two drug rehab facilities are the same. California has many facilities that allow you for:
    • Gender-only preferences (an all women facility or an all men facility)
    • Age specific facilities (some patients are more comfortable with people nearer their age who can better relate to the challenges and understand life stories that they may share)
  • Outpatient drug rehabilitation programs are an option in many instances.
  • Unless the courts are involved, most addiction treatment programs are voluntary, meaning a patient is free to leave whenever he wishes. Keep in mind that’s never a goal, but for many who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this isn’t an issue.
  • Insurance policies traditionally cover many addiction programs, both inpatient and outpatient. Check with your provider to learn more about the limitations and inclusions.
  • Detox processes are sometimes available in the same facility.
  • All drug addiction rehabs offer some level of counseling; however, not all counseling sessions are the same.
  • No worries if a loved one has always been able to charm herself into getting what she wants. Accredited facilities have seen this many times and know how to address these dynamics.
The Reality of Drug Rehab in California

Drug rehab facilities are not like you see on TV. Most are staffed with full time medical teams, along with the counselors and psychologists. Each day is structured with different meetings, checkups and exercises to put into place healthier habits.

To be sure, this may be the hardest time in a family’s life. This is true not only for the addict but for those who love him. A mother’s grief is unmatched and a father’s determination is unshakeable, but there is help and thousands of California families can attest to that fact. Living in recovery is a reminder that hope exists and a better life can be had.