Houman Fakhimi

Higher Education in Santa Ana

happy graduates Higher education in Santa Ana is valued. Whether you’re considering returning to school to follow a new career path or you’re trying to assist your high school senior who is attending college for the first time, Santa Ana, California has many resources available.

Consider the numbers for Orange County, California:
  • There are more than 25 higher education institutions in Orange County, many are in Santa Ana.
  • Close to 200,000 students are in higher education classes or settings.
  • Orange County is ranked 11th in a national survey of higher education opportunities.
  • Studies show that higher degrees mean larger salaries.
  • Orange County, California high school seniors graduate percentages are 90 – one of the highest in the country and the best in the state of California.

In 2016, 12.5 percent of adults in Santa Ana, older than 25 years, completed a bachelor’s degree or higher. This is up from the 2000 level of 9.2 percent. In fact, that number has been on the rise every year and is expected to continue to climb.

The Santa Ana Higher Education Center is located within the Santa Ana public library. It offers many Santa Ana adults the opportunity to “re-engage” in their educational pursuits. The resources are many and include opportunities to earn a GED and opportunities to continue or begin their college careers. Even for those who have a degree, many choose to return to school with the goal of earning a higher degree that can eventually result in better pay, broader choices, and even creating a bargaining tool for negotiations.

Those adults interested in higher education in Santa Ana are often surprised at how much flexibility is afforded an adult student. Among the many options:

  • Flexible class schedules are often worked out in such a way that allows the student to continue their job and other daily routines.
  • Students can take over their higher education goals year-round, versus brief windows of opportunity that close after a few days.
  • Scholarships are sometimes available.
  • Online classes are typically an option.
  • There are resources for military veterans
  • Career counselors are available to provide information for those unsure of what their next step might be.

Wondering if higher education opportunities could benefit your efforts? You can contact the New Education Options by calling the Santa Ana public library, located on the second floor of the Civic Center for guidance. There, you can collect applications for admissions, financial aid, placement testing, scholarship application guidelines, and more.

If you have goals that include law school and passing the state bar exam, you’ll find a number of specific, data driven reports and studies in any library.

We hear throughout our lives that we must take control if we want to achieve success. Sometimes our decision to pursue a higher education seems impossible at first, but we’re the only ones that have the power to make our dream career a reality. We are convinced that we will succeed from the beginning, then we are more in tune with our true potential. We must support high education and focus our energy on providing a better future for all the citizens of Santa Ana.