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Orange County Catholic Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault

A teacher from a Catholic school in San Juan Capistrano has been arrested on a charge of suspicion of sexual assault in Orange County.

The arrest has caused outrage from parents and students, but some have come to the teacher's defense, claiming he shouldn't have been fired simply over an allegation.

Our Irvine criminal defense lawyers agree that an allegation provides no proof and even an arrest is not a conviction. While the court of public opinion can rage strong, it is not a court of law.

The only place where proof is provided, witnesses testify under oath and a trial is held is in a courthouse. Yet, outside forces can cause problems for a defendant. Inteønse media coverage can hurt the pool of prospective jurors who are impartial and haven't formed an opinion about the suspect's guilt or innocence.

An experienced Irvine criminal defense lawyer may be able to use that media coverage to benefit the defendant -- by giving limited interviews to help balance the coverage without giving away defense strategies or other critical information that should be kept close to the vest.

Inevitably, the news media will report what the police say, which is essentially going to be what the prosecution says once the case progresses into the court system. They will rely on these facts for story after story and most of that will be slanted against the defendant. Attempting to thwart that can help a defendant in the public eye. But where that bias really should be weeded out is during jury selection.

According to The Orange County Register, a 37-year-old Spanish teacher for the last seven years and a man who coaches girls volleyball and boys soccer at the school has been arrested and charged with suspicion of molestation.

Sheriff's detectives allege that he molested an underage girl who is a former student. Investigators say they received a tip after the girl told her mother about an alleged sex act with the teacher. The girl was described as 14 or younger.

Police so far don't know how the girl may have gotten to the teacher's Dana Point home, where she says the sex act occurred. Without proof, detectives are saying they are concerned there may be more than one victim.

In Orange County sex cases such as these, it's often a battle of he said/she said. Officials often believe the victim's word and look for proof after the fact. In cases where a person of authority is accused, people often rush to the side of the accuser, even without proof. A fair trial is the only way to ensure all the facts come out.

Our Orange County criminal defense lawyers are prepared to fight on behalf of people charged with sex crimes throughout the area, regardless of the circumstances. These are serious crimes that can lead to prison time, so they must be fought aggressively.

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