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Orange County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Circumstances in Juvenile Case of Frances G. Could Happen in Irvine Juvenile Crime Cases

Officials in Newport Beach have pitched in money to put together a reward to catch the person or people who are responsible for damaging the Reagan statue in Bonita Canyon Sports Park, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Charges of vandalism are typically considered juvenile crimes in Newport Beach.

But as police and prosecutors sometimes trying to show, vandalism cases can be linked to gang-related activity in California. The laws in this state are tough on people accused of gang crimes and a conviction can lead to years in prison.

But, for the most part, vandalism is a crime committed by teenagers or other youth. While some consider this a minor crime, it can have long-lasting implications outside of what a judge sentences. These charges can lead to a lifetime of regret.

A person who is convicted, even as a teenager, can miss out on scholarships for college, not get accepting into a university of their choice, be disqualified for military service and have problems getting a job. These are all consequences that an experienced Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer can help mitigate in the right circumstances.

In the Newport Beach case, the statue, which was purchased through private funds for $80,000, shows the former President standing and waving with his right hand. The bottom bears a facsimile signature and writing underneath. It now leans heavily forward as someone appears to have pried it up.

Officials recently announced that they had raised $5,000 so there is a reward for someone who may have information about who is responsible for the crime. The statute hasn't come without some controversy. Created to celebrate his 100th birthday, some were frustrated by it being put in a public park. That's why private donors were brought in to create it.

Council members and the mayor put up personal funds to create the reward.

Vandalism charges can vary, but most often they are charged as misdemeanors. If a juvenile is indeed arrested, they can be placed in juvenile court, but they may be subjected to the adult criminal justice system as well. Past criminal history, the facts of the case and the age of the defendant are all factors.

There are rare cases when vandalism charges can escalate into more serious allegations and possibly felonies if the state can prove that the damage done exceeds a certain amount of money.

This can lead to even more serious charges and possible jail or prison time, regardless of the age of the defendant. In a case where no one saw an event happening, the credibility of any witnesses the police can find and what they say to police and then at trial can make a difference between whether a person is found guilty or not guilty.

Like any criminal charge, a defendant shouldn't take it lightly. Even a misdemeanor conviction won't look good in 20 or 30 years. It still means a brush with the law and that can be a turn off by employers and others a person may seek to impress. That's why fighting a vandalism or juvenile charge in Orange County is so critical.

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