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Shopping Malls in Orange County

Shopping Malls in Orange County Few places offer the wide range of retailers that are found in the shopping malls in Orange County, California. From skirts to shoes to home decor, see what our specialty shops and boutiques offer.

From Anaheim to Newport Beach to San Clemente, fashion rules in the popular shopping malls in Orange County, California. If you’re a stylish fashionista or looking for sensible, business wear, you’ll find what you need at any of Orange County’s shopping malls and boutiques.

The Marketplace has been the go-to source for Orange County shoppers for years. With several convenience services available for today’s consumer, this mall is designed for the busy shopper. Delivery service, gift concierge, and the convenience of buying Disneyland and Universal Studios tickets right from the website make this a favorite place to take care of all your shopping and errands.

Brea Mall is the second largest shopping mall in Orange County. It’s four cornerstone retailers are Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sears, and JCPenney. Further, you’ll find more than 170 specialty boutiques and shops as well. Enjoy the stunning Italian influences, including Italian tiles on the collective floor. This mall is a favorite – one trip inside and first-time visitors understand why.

South Coast Plaza is another favorite shopping mall in Orange County, especially for kids. Flanked on both sides of the mall are exclusive boutiques and high-end department stores. The vivid colors and inviting child’s music wafting from the center of the mall is a paradise for the little ones as they ride the merry-go-round. Shoppers enjoy shuttles to and from Disneyland, electric vehicle charging and several restaurants for your dining pleasure.

Buena Park Downtown is a favorite for many shoppers. It’s conveniently located near Knott’s Berry Farm, it offers a variety of retail and boutique shops, and it has ample parking spaces. Complimentary Wi-Fi means you’re not shut off from the world during your shopping and dining. John’s Incredible Pizza is located on the lower level of the shopping mall, and several retailers fill the spaces elsewhere.

Don’t let the name fool you – the Downtown Disney Mall is designed for adults as an alternative to other Disney themed kid-friendly shopping malls. While it offers a host of retailers, it also is home to several restaurants and bars. Flanked on either side by resort hotels, you can find the perfect martini, have dinner, and return to the hotel in time for your massage. Catch a movie later at any of the 12 AMC theaters located on the mall property.

Finally, let’s not forget the convenience and familiarity of Anaheim Plaza. This Orange County shopping mall offers a grocery store, several retail stores, a pet store, and at least one outdoor sporting goods shop. You’re always treated like family, and the shopping mall itself is committed to not only its retailers but to every customer who comes through the door. It’s a relaxing environment, family friendly, and strategically designed for today’s busy consumer.

Whether you’re in a hurry or have an entire afternoon to spend leisurely strolling your favorite department stores in Orange County, you certainly will have many choices to select from in this diverse region.