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The Fakhimi & Associates Scholarship – $500

Graduating from college is one of the most significant accomplishments in a student’s educational career. College students sacrifice countless hours studying and spend thousands of dollars to make their dreams of a higher education come true. Fakhimi & Associates have proudly served the community of Southern California for over 15 years, and we are dedicated to supporting undergraduate and graduate students working hard to complete their degrees. We believe the rising cost of tuition and fees should not prevent someone from continuing their education. Take this gift and use it to pay for any expense regarding your advanced degree.

students hanging outside The attorneys at Fakhimi & Associates want to give back to the community and assist students in need of funds for college by offering the 2017 Fakhimi Scholarship. This free $500 scholarship is intended to help a student pay for any fee related to their studies. There is no cost to apply, and no commitment to repay the scholarship. We think the youth of America deserves the opportunity to attend college and find a fulfilling career without the obstacle of money. We are dedicated to helping students in our community complete their degrees and avoid debt.

A college degree is typically financed by federal student aid or private loans. Not every student qualifies for financial support. Stop struggling to find resources or relying on borrowed money. Before you accept another loan, apply for this scholarship and concentrate on your degree program instead of your college expenses. Eligible students are encouraged to apply by the deadline. Applicants must meet the scholarship requirements below to win. This free scholarship will stop your rising student loan debt and provide you the financial freedom to achieve your goals.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
  • Students interested in applying for the 2017 Fakhimi Scholarship are required to meet these guidelines to be considered for the award.
  • Applicants must have U.S. citizenship or lawful residency (permanent) in the U.S.
  • Applicants must have an annual household earning of less than $35,000 in 2016.
  • Applicants must apply via email and include the URL for their Facebook page.
  • Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in college and attending part-time or full-time
Scholarship Essay Topics

Applications are required to include a college-level essay about one of the topics below :

  1. What was the most difficult decision you have made in high school or college?
  2. What hobbies or extracurricular activities do you enjoy and what is something you plan to try in the future?
  3. What are some of your career goals after college?
  4. Who inspired you in the classroom and how did they help you in school?
  5. Why is it important to attend college and learn new things?
Instructions for the Scholarship Essay (Required)

Scholarship essays must be written in your own words and be typed (single-spaced) using any 12-point font. Essays will be checked for copied or plagiarized content. Submit all essays by email and format submissions as a Microsoft Word Document or PDF (.PDF, .DOC, .DOCX).

Instructions for Scholarship Video (Optional)

students graduating Applicants can opt to upload a video instead of a written essay. Your video should answer one of the essay topics in approximately 3-10 minutes. The video needs to look professional and applications must include the link or URL to the original video’s host site. Unlike the essay, video submissions are optional and not a requirement to apply.

Scholarship Application Requirements

Please review all the eligibility and application requirements before applying for the 2017 Fakhimi Scholarship.

Deadline to apply: June 1, 2017.

  • Email your essay or video to the following email address: fakhimilawscholarship@yahoo.com.
  • Use the subject line “Scholarship Submission” and include your name, age, address, GPA (high school or college), and the URL to your Facebook account and hosting site, if you submit a video.
  • Attach your essay or upload your video to the email before you submit your application.
  • The scholarship winner will be contacted through email and sent detailed instructions to receive their $500 award.
Winner Selection

The scholarship winner will receive an email announcing the good news one week after the application deadline ends. If you are the winner, you will be sent a $500 check in the mail after you provide proper identification.

Scholarship Faqs 2016 Scholarship students
  1. Are Applicants Eligible to Apply More Than Once per Year?

    No. Applicants can only submit one application

  2. What are Your Requirements for an Applicant’s GPA?

    The 2017 Fakhimi Scholarship does not have any requirements regarding GPA. However, like other scholarship offers, a competitive GPA is typically 3.0 or higher.

  3. Your Law Firm has Several Locations Around Southern California, Can I Come in Person to Follow Up on My Application?

    Due to daily business in the office, all inquiries regarding scholarship applications should be sent by email.

  4. I do not Use Social Media. Do all Applications Need to Include a Facebook Account?

    Yes. Applications must include the applicant’s Facebook URL. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a free profile at Facebook.com.

  5. Should I Still Apply, Even if I Already get Help Paying for College?

    Yes. All students are encouraged to apply if they meet the scholarship requirements. However, this scholarship is designed to help students that need money to pay for the college.

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