Houman Fakhimi

The Most Populated Cities in Orange County, California

Anaheim, California

Most people equate Orange County, California to the sunshine, beautiful homes and beachfront property that allows residents to enjoy both the sunshine and their homes. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Anaheim, California is the largest city in the county, home to nearly 347,000 Californians. It’s also home to Disneyland, which makes this a bustling, family-friendly city that welcomes its guests and residents year-round. For sports fans, Anaheim is home to the Anaheim Ducks hockey team and the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. There are also world-famous theme parks, shopping malls and restaurants that cater to your every craving. The schools are impeccable, and there are many employment opportunities. This is a lively community that draws families looking for a safe city to raise their children and build their lives. It’s little wonder so many call Anaheim “home.”

Santa Ana, California

A close second, Santa Ana has a population of nearly 335,000 and serves as the county seat. With an unemployment rate lower than national averages, there are several industries and employers, including Aluminum Precision Products, Ascent Tooling Group, and First American Financial Corp. Santa Ana is also a family-friendly city, with its rich culture on display in the city’s museums and other tourist draws. The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art offers some of the most spectacular collections found anywhere in the country. Of course, the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park has long since been a favorite for visitors and residents. When you’re finished with the attractions for the day, you’ll find many restaurants that are happy to serve delicious food cooked to perfection.

Irvine, California

Another Orange County, California city, Irvine, is home to 260,000 Californians. This city embodies southern California. It’s progressive, family-friendly, and committed to environmentally safe practices. In fact, Irvine is one of the greenest cities in the United States. There are nearly 17,000 businesses in Irvine, many of which are small businesses owned by those who live in the communities they serve and represent.

Irvine earns high on several national rankings. It was named the Most Livable City by the United States Conference of Mayors, it’s ranked the third best city for veterans, and it’s ranked first in communities that support active retirement, partly due to its many walking, biking, and hiking parks and trails. As far as educational opportunities, 90 percent of Irvine’s high school graduates will go on to attend and complete college. The national average is just 66 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation route with interesting must-see areas or looking to redefine your own version of home, Orange County, California welcomes you. Fifteen cities in California make up the top 20 wealthiest in America, and five of those cities are in Orange County. It’s good living, and you’re never more than a few minutes away from excitement and entertainment.