Houman Fakhimi

The Top Employers in Rancho Cucamonga

In January 2017, Forbes named Rancho Cucamonga the highest ranking American city for employment growth. With its location at the scenic foothills of San Gabriel Mountains and its proximity to both Los Angeles and Southern California’s beaches, it’s little wonder so many are drawn to this quieter city that values its families and simple way of life. If it’s the lifestyle and scenery that draws people, it’s the job opportunities available from some of the top employers in the country that keeps them here.

Rancho Cucamonga offers the ideal balance between a small town where neighbors recognize one another, but not so big that it overwhelms daily life. This city is so versatile that its top employers include global Amphastar Pharmaceutical company, Southern Cal Edison, Mercury Casualty Insurance, and several retailers, including Target, Macy’s, and Wal Mart. Along with traditional, full-time positions, Rancho Cucamonga jobs are available throughout the area, and even those seeking part-time or even temporary work will find a position that is perfect for their needs.

Southern California is a fast-growing region, and with Rancho Cucamonga ranking at the top of the list for job opportunities, your talents and education are sure to be in demand in whatever field you choose. In fact, the San Bernardino county median income has increased by an impressive 31 percent since 2000, even as national averages stagnated or even declined in some markets. Just since 2010, the median income has increased by 9 percent. It’s the strong commitment to community and family that drive these numbers.

If your goals are to become a business owner, you’ll discover Rancho Cucamonga is welcoming of new businesses. The city offers a streamlined licensing process to help small business owners in their quest of establishing new opportunities. It offers its own small business workshops, and its Business Development Center offers guidance and literature to help ensure you’re off to a strong start. You’ll find the Rancho Cucamonga website is full of valuable information for job seekers and new business owners.

If you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life and are considering a new career path, Rancho Cucamonga employers have an incentive for on the job training. The city, in partnership with the San Bernardino County Business Services, will reimburse local businesses a portion of the wages paid to those who are participating in any of its job training programs. It benefits the community, business owners, and those looking to shift their career path.

New job opportunities and a new place to call home await you. Isn’t it time you considered beautiful Southern California? New career opportunities in Rancho Cucamonga amidst beautiful backgrounds between the ocean and mountains is hard to beat, and the strong commitment to economic development on the city and county levels ensure median incomes are higher than both state and national medians. Brush up your resume and see for yourself the benefits that await you and your family.