Houman Fakhimi

The Top Employers in Santa Ana

Currently, Orange County is the largest employer in Santa Ana. This is likely because Santa Ana is the county seat. The county has a wide array of positions that are available at different times – some are permanent, others may be part time or seasonal. From working at any of the city or county entities to serving as an employee in the outdoors for the Parks Department, you stand a good chance to finding a position.

Speaking of state and local government employment, the California Health and Human Services Agency, or CHHS, is the state agency responsible for oversight of state and federal health care programs, social services, public assistance needs, and rehabilitation needs. While the salaries will vary greatly, there is typically room for advancement early in one’s career, provided he or she has shown promise in the challenges given. With a presence in Santa Ana, this might be a smart move for someone interested in providing public service to their neighbors and others in the community who are in need.

Small business owners also do well in Santa Ana. The city and county are very welcoming to small business owners and work to encourage independent contractors and the traditional “mom and pop”businesses. You’ll find many incentives and benefits await you, including reimbursements in some areas, depending on several factors -such as how many new hires you make and what you pay them. The reimbursements are for limited times and have specific guidelines, so speak with someone in the right department for the best and most current guidance.

Ingram Micro is also one of the largest companies in California,and because of that, it’s also a top employer. This technology company has called Santa Ana home for some time, and it’s a Fortune 100 company. It often seeks sales, marketing, and technological minds who can help keep this ever-growing entity running smooth. It employs approximately 4,000 people.

Rancho Santiago Community College District has two campuses in Orange County, and one happens to be in Santa Ana. These are large campuses for the area – both have close to 50,000 student enrollments at any time, making it a sizeable employer too, coming it at around 2,300 employees on average.

We’ve seen that the county is a big employer in Santa Ana, but the federal government has a presence in Santa Ana as well. The United States Postal Office consistently ranks in the top 5 employers. On average, it employs around 2,000 people.

First American Financial also employs around 2,000 people in Santa Ana. This company seeks to provide home buyers financing, insurance, and even real estate guidance. If you have a background in finance, you might fit well in the role of a loan originator and service clerk who processes the mortgage applications. First American is also heavily involved in commercial properties, so it has a definitive presence within Sana Ana.

Finding the top employers in Santa Ana is easy, the challenge is finding the right career opportunity that fits your career objectives. The good news is there are many opportunities for someone who seeks employment.