Houman Fakhimi

Transport of Xanax Without a Prescription can Land You in Jail

Our Los Angeles Drug Possession for Sale Attorneys were able to resolve the case of a client with a result that had even our most hard to please criminal defense client happy. The case involved the act of a good Samaritan who had agreed to bring an envelope containing some pills from overseas to give to a friend's relatives. Unbeknownst to the client the pills inside were Xanas (Alprazolam) and Viagra. Xanax (Alprazolam) is a listed drug under California's Health and Safety Code and its possession requires a prescription. Once one possesses such large quantities of the drug the presumption arises that he or she possesses the drug for sale. That is what happened to our good smarting client.

She was charged with violating Section 11372 of the California Health and Safety Code and was offered a deal wherein she would have to plead guilty and instead of State prison she was offered 180 days at Los Angeles County Jail. To accept would also meant that she would lose her Green Card and United States' residency, meaning she would have to leave her children. Needless to say pleading guilty to possession with intent to sell and doing jail was not an option. After months of aggressive litigation and investigation today and after reviewing our evidence, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office agreed to offer our client a deal wherein she would plead to simple possession of Xanax without a prescription and no jail time. Our client went home happy; however, I doubt that she will ever agree to transport any items for anyone else across the U.S border.