Houman Fakhimi

Why a Criminal Defense Blog?

We are criminal defense attorneys. Our job entails looking for ways to protect our clients' freedom and to preserve the rights extended to them and to all of us by the United States Constitution, California Constitutions and other laws of the country. To do so we rely on our own sense of commitment, ethics, hard work, knowledge, perseverance and justice. As trial lawyers (we also litigate employment matters on behalf of employees whose rights have been violated) we are keenly aware of the public opinion and the role that media plays in undermining rights of the accused. Here in Orange county and surrounding counties like Riverside and San Bernardino there is a perception that juries will rather convict a defendant than to find him or her not guilty. Our Orange county criminal defense attorneys, or our dedicated Riverside felony attorneys along with our San Bernardino misdemeanor attorneys go to work every day to preserve the notion that every person in innocent until proven guilty. We hope that in the coming blogs we will be able to shed some light on how the criminal justice system here in Orange county or other counties like Los Angeles or Inland Empire works. We will have cover news, recent events and refer to our own cases as well share some insight into the criminal defense world. Our blog is addressed to all those accused of a crime whether misdemeanor or felony, i.e. burglary, robbery, DUI, drug possession, etc., to those who are interested in this field of law and to the public at large. We look forward to receiving your comments in few months.