Houman Fakhimi

New Ruling in Blackwater Murder Case

In a 90 page ruling which has started a floodgate of criticism, Judge Urbina dismissed the murder charges that were filed against Blacwater contractors who were accused of killing innocent Iraqi civilians in 2007. According to New York Times the issue was that the contractors who were considered government agents were obligated to give an immediate report of what they had done, however, the United States Constitution prevents the government from requiring a defendant to testify against himself, so those statements could not be used in the prosecution of the con tractors.

The Warren court in Garrity v. New Jersey, 385 U.S. 493 (1967) established that government employees should not be coerced to give statements that can be used against them under the threat of unemployment. Orange County Felony Attorneys of Criminal Defense Team handle cases brought against government and public sector employees for such allegations as embezzlement, fraud, battery and assault. In embezzlement cases especially, protections provided by Garrity can be essential to a defendants case and anyone facing felony or misdemeanor embezzlement charges should consult with our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys.